Definitely not your average retro design here. With the inspiration of “making the most of what you got”, this board brings the concept of reincarnating the front half of a long into a modern wave riding vehicle! Hence the name… Rather than going with a “displacement hull” that others are incorporating into retro-styled designs, this hotrod has a mild midpoint single concave into semi-extreme vee out the tail, keeping this board way more performance than others that pop up. Designed to be a wave hoarder, this board will catch even the tiniest of ripples! This shape is Adaptable to be ridden by anyone! If you fancy a little more pep, than order yours a little thinner and about 3-5? shorter than you are tall. Other than that, its like no other board you have ever surfed!

1 - 5 feet


5'2" - 6'1" (1.5748 - 1.8542 )