The Big Buddha (6'0"-7'8"), which actually outsells the Lil'' Buddha 4 to 1, is a board usually ridden by the "Big guy" (190 lb. - 230 lb. / 86kg. - 104kg.) that still rips but doesn't want to ride a chippy performance board for many reasons. It has a slight beak in the nose which allows more volume up front under the riders center or chest for maximum balance and glide while paddling into a wave. Single concave leading into a slight vee out the tail really livens up the rail to rail responsiveness and inspires confidence through turns. At the same time, it is also a great transition board for someone stepping down from a longer board, regardless of surfers body type, size and/or style. Stock set Set up as a double bump quad with an option for 5 fin at 6'6" +.

2 - 6 feet


6'0" - 7'4" ( 1.8288 - 1.9304 )